David Mitchell: Critical Essays


Summary of David Mitchell: Critical Essays (Canterbury: Gylphi: 2011)

The outcome of the first international conference on David Mitchell’s writing, this collection of critical essays, focuses on his first three novels – Ghostwritten (1999), number9dream (2001) and Cloud Atlas (2004) – to provide a sustained analysis of Mitchell’s complex narrative techniques and the literary, political and cultural implications of his early work. The essays cover topics ranging from narrative structure, genre and the Bildungsroman to representations of Japan, postmodernism, the construction of identity, utopia, science fiction and postcolonialism.

Reviews of David Mitchell: Critical Essays

Read Sam Jordison’s review of the book in The Guardian online Is academic criticism worth reading? which says that this ‘lively new study of David Mitchell suggests there’s plenty for the lay reader to enjoy’

Goodreads.com reviewers say that ‘the majority of the contributors provided me with great insight into Mitchell’s universe. Also, gaining insight into the novels that inspired Mitchell has increased my To Read list dramatically. If you have finished all 5 of Mitchell’s novel and you are looking for a fix as you anxiously await novel #6, this book of critical essays will provide’